News from Fiji! NCTC help Victims of TC Winston

In this months edition…

  • Tropical Cyclone Winston destroys communities in Savusavu
  • Ashburton New Life Church – Children’s Church raise money for NCTC Primary School
  • Salote Ralulu – another success story of NCTC

Tropical Cyclone Winston dose major damage in Savusavu and other parts of Fiji.

The tropical cyclone — which tore across Fiji on February 20 and 21 — was the strongest of its kind on record in the southern hemisphere. It had estimated sustained winds of over 375 Kms per hour when it made landfall, making it one of the strongest tropical cyclones (a term that includes typhoons and hurricanes) ever to make landfall anywhere in the world.

“The devastation of the damage to homes etc is enormous 4360 homes in Fiji are totally wiped out. Let alone ones partly damages. Crops and vegetable gardens gone.

After visiting Savusavu area (85 Kms from Labasa) and seeing the destruction of TC Winston first hand. It is hard to discrib the devastation. So many people now have nothing, with all their belongs totally destroyed. Aid is to slow in coming, many of the people I talked to where  just waiting for the next aid parcels to come, as the news crop with take time to grow.

With such wide spread destruction, it will take years for many people to get help to rebuild houses.

NCTC has been collecting money for the people in the greatest need, in the Savusavu area. NCTC would like to thank all the friends and supporters of NCTC, who have donated already. We have been able to deliver over 214 boxes and baskets of food, along with buckets, water containers, 12 rubbish bags full of cloths and other house hold goods. Give corrugated  iron to three families, provide a electrical post and wire to another, and supply a fishing boat.

More food will be given out in the coming week, as aid has not reaches quit a few communities.

If you can help (even small amounts will be gratefully received) Please donate to the below, please put your name and state TC Winston on the statement.

In Australia

BANK – Bendigo Bank Visa
Account Account Name – NCTC Australia
Account Number – 124082983
BSB number: 633000

In New Zealand

BANK – Westpac
Account Name – NCTC NZ
Account Number – Non-Profit 03 0835 0294975 000
via the NCTC Website – Paypal

Ashburton New Life Church – Children’s
Church – Generation Changes,
 raise money for NCTC Primary School.

The children of Ashburton New Life Church – Children’s Church – Generation Changes , in the south island of New Zealand, have been raise money, each week for the NCTC Primary School.

With this money NCTC Primary School has been able to purchase much needed equipment, such a sealing fans, gardening equipment and sporting equipment.

Today, Aminiasi has a new uniform. He only had one, before and had to wash it out each night, until Generation Changes gave him a uniform.

What an amazing thing for children in New Zealand to be able to help children in Fiji.
Salote Ralulu visits NCTC after 16 years

It was wonderful to have Lote (Salote) visit NCTC after 16 years. It wonderful to hear of her attechievements in her education. Lote left NCTC to become a early learning teacher. After she graduated from Early Learning, she then went on to become a primary school teacher, then onto to become a secondary school teacher. NCTC is very proud of all Lote has attechieved in her life.

Check out the NCTCWebsite

and learn more about what we’ve accomplished together and where we’re heading.

Wishing you all a great month and God’s richest blessings,


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Tropical Cyclone Winston

This cyclone struck Fiji as a Category 5 on 20th February. Winston inflicted extensive damage on many islands and killed 44 people.  Nearly 25,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and approximately 350,000 people—roughly 40 percent of Fiji’s population—were significantly impacted by the storm.

I spoke to a hotel manager in Savusavu and she told me that they had 375 km winds and 2 ten metre tidal waves that hit one after the other. The cyclone that killed 100,000 people in the Philippines had winds of just 5 km more at 380 km/hr. Is that not the mercy of God? At each place and village we visited, I just stood back and thanked God. Not one person died in the Savusavu area. Only God !!!! Some houses we saw were shifted metres off their foundations by the waves, with people in them at the time.

On viewing first hand, the destruction of homes and the people hungry for food, NCTC collected money to buy food and goods to help. NCTC staff worked long hours to put 50 baskets together to give out and 133 boxes of food valued at over $60 each. 183 families now have rations for 2 weeks, thanks to the generousity of so many of the NCTC supporters.

NCTC has also put three roofs on three houses. Ana who is a widow, now has shelter from the weather. Moses who is a pastor, had his roof blown off in the cyclone, now has a new roof. A family of 8 who lost everything now is about to have a roof on thier make shift house. Now they will not get wet when it rains, until better help comes. Thanks to so many of the NCTC supporters.

NCTC Primary Children brought so many things for the victims of TC Winston in Nukubalavu and Savusavu, and they have so little. NCTC also collected 12 garbage bags of clothes. It was so touching. The children also helped load the NCTC van. You could feel the love of the kids reaching out to all the families who have lost so much.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who generously donated to NCTC TC Winston Appeal. If you haven’t as yet, we would love to hear from you, as there is still so much to be done, and it takes a lot of money to tackle a problem such as TC Winston. This is going to be on going for a long time to come.

You can help the people of Fiji. 
Donations can be send to:
BANK – Westpac
Account Name – NCTC NZ
Account Number – Non-Profit 03 0835 0294975 000
BANK – Bendigo Bank Visa
Account Account Name – NCTC Australia
Account Number – 124082983
BSB number: 633000
Via paypal on the NCTC

I wish you a wonderful and rewarding April.

Please continue to hold us up in your prayers  as well as all the people who were affected by TC Winston.

May God richly bless you.

Founding Principal
Northern Christian Training Centre

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Another great month for NCTC. 2016 is a year of great breakthroughs!

In this months edition…
  • Cyclone Winston does major damage in Fiji.
  • NCTC Board of Trustees met with NCTC land owners, and government officials.
  • Jenny gives her money box with two years  money in it to help a poor NCTC Primary School child get a uniform.
  • Ms. Salote Rabuka, Director of Fiji Higher Education Commission visits NCTC
Cyclone Winston dose major damage in Fiji
Much of Fiji has been devastated by Cyclone Winston. NCTC had minimal damage with an Internet aerial blown down, and branches of trees blown off. All the buildings and people were safe. All our children, their families crops where all safe. An amazing miracle. Our heart goes out to the many families who have lost houses, crops and belongings. This was the worst cyclone in the southern hemisphere since records were kept.

NCTC Board of Trustees met with the NCTC Land Owners and Government Officials

As NCTC gets closer to assuring a full lease many issues need to be resolved between the NCTC Board and our land owners. 

We would like to thank God for his grace and mercy. It was a great outcome for NCTC and many long standing issues were talked about and resolved. 

NCTC looks forward to a great relationship with our land owners now and in the future. 


Jenny gave her money box so a little girl in NCTC Primary School could have a uniform

While Marion was promoting NCTC in Australia, she met a beautiful little girl, who, with her mum and dad, had not long moved from Russia to Australia (things had not been easy for their family in a new country.) Her name is Jenny and when she heard about NCTC Primary School she wanted to help. She brought her money box with all the money she had saved for two years and gave it all to Marion to help a little girl get a uniform for school. Viema did not have a uniform of her own, until today when Master Epeli gave her a brand new uniform. That is what NCTC is all about, little people with BIG hearts helping each other.

Ms. Salote Rabuka Director of Fiji Higher Education Commission visits NCTC

NCTC students and staff were honoured to have Ms Solote Rabuka, director of Fiji Higher Education, visit NCTC. She had a look around The Northern Christian Training Centre complex and saw our new land and viewed the concept plan for the new Primary and Secondary School. Ms Rabuka also gave a very encouraging and inspiring talk to our students and staff. 

Support a child and change their destiny for ever.

After much anticipation our “Sponsor a Child”  PayPal facility is here!

To check it out simply click on the top image located here and you’ll be taken to our PayPal Sponsor a Child sign up page.

Your contribution of just USD$40 a month (approx USD$1.33 a day – Less than a cup of coffee) will make a major difference in the life of a NCTC child.

Should you have questions and/or if you require more information please head on down to our contact page with your query and I’ll be happy to answer and/or provide additional information.

Alongside this exciting new new initiative we’re also pleased to announce the launch of our USD$50 per month New Primary School – Building Fund option and a USD $50 NCTC – General Expenses payment option.

To check the exchange rate for your country feel free to make the calculation here.

One of the unique propositions that sets NCTC apart from many other charities is that we don’t fund heavy administration overheads like so many others. This means that with NCTC you can be assured that your contribution will be used directly to support those in need.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable contribution in advance.

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